Scrabble In Babel And Other Godly Pranks

Scrabble In Babel And Other Godly Pranks / Debandadă în Babilon și alte farse divine IRLO ( Laurențiu Alexandrescu) 20.06-31.07 curated by Gilda Ghinoiu EN In the beginning was the Word and the Word was […]

Fifteen Shapes Of May

Fifteen Shapes Of May Radu Băieș, Răzvan Boar, Arina Bican, Simion Cernica, Beatrice Duman, Camilia Filipov, Remus Grecu, Julia Haumont, Adéla Jánská, Genti Korini, Emma Păvăloaia, Alexandru Ranga, Nicolae Romanițan, Leonardo Silaghi and Ioana Stanca […]

Alexandru Ranga

Alexandru Ranga Blight 11.04-30.04.2024 curated by Andrei Barbu EN Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night;  What immortal hand or eye,  Could  frame thy fearful symmetry?   Blight is a large-scale immersive […]

Oana Fărcaș

      Oana Fărcaș KALEIDOSCOPE WOMAN 17.06 – 25.07.2023 curated by Alice Zucca   EN In the intricate tapestry of existence, the concept of a kaleidoscope weaves a profound parallel with the figure of […]

Noiz – Duo Show

Noiz – duo show (18.04.-20.05.2023) Alexandru Ranga  Laurențiu Zbîrcea curated by Alexandra Ioniță ENG. Youth is tumultuous and attracts attention. While established artists have refined their communication styles, young artists, immersed in the process of […]