may amnesia scratch
our membrane

may amnesia scratch our membrane

Răzvan Botiș
Adrian Budrițan
Simion Cernica
Tudor Ciurescu
Giulia Crețulescu
Camilia Filipov
Remus Grecu
Bogdan Matei
Răzvan Năstase
Abel Rad
Nicolae Romanițan
Eugen Roșca
Ioana Stanca
Sabina Suru
Bogdan Tomșa

Curated by Horatiu Lipot

The proposal of—may amnesia scratch our membrane—is to create an opportunity to bring recent artistic production from artists active in the local community, reaffirming the gallery space as a sit for exchange and a place to regroup. A myriad of different and even contradictory discourses are constantly produced and coexist in the art world. As individuals we may no longer need the other to show us the meaning of our experience, as we did when we were infants; but if we are to be able not only to construct narratives, but also to be aware of the narratives we construct, we do need to believe that we are known by the other. We see a necessity to recontextualize the historical narrative, rather than deconstruct it. Deconstruction gravitates into oblivion, while recontextualization towards attention. Thus, the title becomes ironic, assuming amnesia as a category for objectivity in the context of experiential economics, the emergence of new technologies which reshape the function of our membrane, or the requirements of interconnectivity  n digital networks. How to provoke amnesia, when it’s not one’s self’s trait?