Eyelid Noon – Group Show

eyelid noon group show directed by Horațiu Lipot 10.11 – 02.12.2022 – RO: the door handle is an axis connecting the old agrarian settlements to invisible satellites – my eyelid noon just a déjà-vu exercise […]

Genti Korini
Lateral Geometries

Genti Korini Lateral Geometries 14.07 – 13.08.2022 curated by Horatiu Lipot   EN “Anri, tell me the truth. Tell me that this city does not exist. Please tell me that you do not have an […]

Julia Haumont
All day I dream

Julia Haumont All day I dream curated by Lina Țărmure   EN Julia Haumont (b. 1991, France) debuts in the local artistic context with works that have already proved her creative abilities in the French […]

Play: please don’t touch!

Adéla Janská Play: please don’t touch! 02-30.04.2022 EN Play: Please don’t touch! A split second, dozens of eyes staring at you, the pulse of a thought begins to sprout, wherever you turn your gaze others […]

Chimeras 05-30.03.2022

Chimeras – duo exhibition, March 5-30, 2022 Artists: Oana Fărcaș and Mirela Moscu Curator: Maria Bilașevschi Reality has drops of magic when you look at it carefully, when the real – fantasy polarity turns into […]